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Hiding Caches: Guidelines and Rules

Cache Submission Deadline Saturday February 24, 2023.

Everyone is welcome to search for any or all the caches with or without having hidden a cache. Our motto is "Have fun at your leavel".  For those who do choose to place a cache (or caches), here are some guidelines:

Quality over Quantity

Our focus is "Quality Caches".  We encourage everyone to put extra thought and creativity into their hides.  Please don’t just stick a micro in a spruce tree and walk away.  Instead, place a cache that you would be excited to find!

Winter Friendly Caches

Hide caches that are winter friendly.  Caches should be hidden above the snow line.  Hide something you would want to find in winter!

Name your cache

Be sure your cache name ends with CARW2023 (Note: No Spaces!), as in "MyCache - CARW2023". Since all the caches will end with CARW2023, this will help those who use hand held GPS units with finding downloaded caches on their device and performing a Geocaching.com search online will find all the caches.

Follow Geocaching.com Rules

Be familiar with and obey all Geocaching.com Guidelines For Hiding Caches.

Choose a Location

Accurate co-ordinates are an essential part of geocaching.  Please take the time to get solid averaged co-ordinates.  Read this Groundspeak article for tips on getting accurate coordinates.

Have you found a perfect spot for your particular cache? How can you be sure it isn’t too close to a puzzle cache, a multi-cache, or another CARW2023 cache?  Ask the Volunteer Reviewer to do a “Location Check.”  First, create a basic cache listing page. It doesn’t need a complete or fancy description, but it must have your chosen co-ordinates. Then, post the following reviewer note into Step 6’s “Dear Reviewer” text box (or the old version’s “Note to Reviewer” box) and submit your cache for a preliminary review:

"This is a CARW2023 cache.  Please perform a Location Check for this cache.  If this location is acceptable, please reserve it until the CARW2023 caches are published, and disable this unfinished cache page."

Write and submit your cache page

If all goes well, then the location will be yours — as long as you don’t change the cache’s co-ordinates. And you’ll still have time to prepare your cache container and write a great listing page.

Please include the following on your CARW2023 cache page description.

1.  This cache has been placed for the CARW event with the intention that it not be located prior to 09:00 hours Saturday March 4, 2023.
2.  Should you hunt and find this cache before the event start, it will not count for the event, and FTF points are only valid as of 09:00 hours March 5 th.

Please see the Categories page for information on submitting your cache for event prizes.


  1. All caches must be Winter friendly and should display the "Winter Friendly" attribute.  If you wouldn't hunt for it in -30° or it has to be dug out after dump of snow, it probably shouldn't be a CARW cache.

  2. Research, understand, and comply with the Groundspeak cache placement guidelines:  https://www.geocaching.com/play/guidelines .  Note that several changes have been made to the guidelines over the past 18 months.

  3. Get accurate GPS coordinates. We strongly encourage you to use a GPS unit as opposed to a phone.  Remember, Groundspeak guidelines require that a geocache search must involve (accurate) coordinates as part of the cache hunt.

  4. Caches submitted for CARW should not be “premium members only” caches. If you choose, you can convert your caches to premium no sooner than 1 week after the event ends. This should be enough time for non-premium members to find and log them

  5. Focus is always on “high quality” and “family friendly” caching. This usually means medium or large cache sizes. These are also easier to open when cold, and families with children often enjoy trading swag. Medium containers can be described as:  1kg or larger Peanut butter jars (PBJ), ammo cans, etc. Large containers; 5 gallon pails, 10 gallon pails, large rubber maids, large tool boxes, etc. Micro caches and small caches are acceptable as CARW caches, but hiders might consider asking “what makes this cache special enough to be a CARW hide?”.

  6. Please refrain from using Spruce trees to hide caches, unless the tree will not be hurt when a multitude of cachers try to find the cache.  Spruce limbs are very sensitive to cold and break easily.  Also note that all trees in public spaces in the City of Edmonton are the property of the City of Edmonton, and as such the City of Edmonton does not allow the climbing of trees for cache placement or finding.

  7. Hide and confirm locations with a volunteer reviewer early so you know you have a spot.

  8. Puzzle caches are welcome and encouraged. However, puzzles should not be so difficult that they cannot be solved within the event timelines or only solved by a select few puzzle-hounds.

  9. Participate in any way you want, hide a cache or not, find only one cache or a few, .

  10. Cast your votes! See the Categories & Voting page for more information.