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Prize Categories

Prize Self Nomination:

Use this link to nominate your cache for a prize on one of the following categories:  ** Hidden Text **


The CARW2024 Prize Winners are:


Honourable Mentions

    1 - Most Welcoming: hip2hip For welcoming us to their nuptials location for the puzzle solving event as well as taking Oreoing on his first CARW

    2 - Learning Enthusiastically Ambitious Player: Oreoing for all his enthusiasm

    3 & 4- Leaping to the Rescue: SWP + Meanie09, Team WillowZilla + GovZot For the rescue of MidnightCougar and JREnarson

    5 - Furthest from Centrepoint: Frogger Streak 29 (GCAKY62)

    6 - Closest to Centrepoint: I can make your feet LEAP (GCAM0CG)

    7 - Most prolonged FTF: BSBHelm + kiwibirdman (Ministik series)

    8 - Most Delayed: Jrenarson 2-3 hours stuck after AMA call before WillowZilla/GovZot rescue

    9 Punniest cache title: Bubba's BLEAPING Non-Logic Logic Puzzle (GCAJRMB)

    10 - Community Award: Better Together What the BLEAP? (GCAJ9VT) The more friends you bring to this cache, the easier time you will have of it.


Prize Categories:

Trophy - Best Overall Cache

    SheWolfPack Wolf Den #2 GCAKJRF

Trophy - Best Park & Grab

    Leap Frog Series GCAKY5M

Trophy - Best Use of Theme

    Leap Frog Series GCAKY5M

Trophy Most Fun to Find

    SheWolfPack Wolf Den #2 GCAKJRF

Most Embracing of Winter Spirit

    SheWolfPack Series GCAKJRF

Greatest Effort Put Into a Cache

Leap Frog Series GCAKY5M

Most Likely Not To Be Muggled

    Virtual Reward 4.0 - Spirit of Stanley GCAJJ5H

Easiest Find

    Leap Frog Series GCAKY5M

Longest Hike

    Quad Squad LEAP series GCA6B5H

Most Family Friendly

    Leap Frog Series GCAKY5M

Greatest Stealth Required

Court One (Redeux) GCAHZW3

Hardest Cache to Get to

    Frogger Streak 09 (mid-evil) GCAKWQF

Favorite Geocache Series

    Leap Frog Series GCAKY5M

Biggest Cache

SheWolfPack Wolf Den #2 GCAKJRF

Online Voting

Voting for your favourites in the above categories will be done online. Please wait until you have finished finding caches in the event before going to the form to cast your votes.

Voting is now CLOSED.

Click  VOTE   to vote on line for your favourite caches.