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Volunteers Needed

Please consider volunteering for any of our vacant volunteer positions!  See below.

Prize collectors:  This volunteer collects door prizes from various businesses or individual donors to be given away at the wrap up event. Prizes are not limited to only geocaching items, it can also be items not typically associated with geocaching (like tea samples, or first aid kits, or other things). Collect these items, now to the CARW weekend. Bring the items to the wrap up event (or send with another cacher/wrap up host to the wrap up event).

Any questions or to offer up your services for any of the above positions, please contact Eric Schulz. Mike Gunther (UBC Geograd) or Mark Perry (mkPerry).


Associated Event Hosts Needed

We are searching for hosts for all CARW2023 Associated Events.

To be a CARW2023 associated event host, please contact the organizers. Send email to Eric Schulz Mike Gunther (UBC Geograd) or Mark Perry (mkPerry). Positions are filled in a first come, first serve basis.

Job Description for CARW2023 Associated Event Hosts:

-Host finds a large enough location, speaks with and gets approval from venue manager for the event. It is ideal but not essential that the location has free Wi-Fi access to the internet. (Tim Hortons, McDonalds, Smitty's, Mall Food Court, etc).

-Event location must be in the search radius for the year.  It can be held anywhere within the search radius and does not need to be in the City of Edmonton.

-Write up an Event Cache Page and it submit to volunteer reviewers 2 months plus 5 days before the actual event date. An event must be published on geocaching.com at minimum 2 months before the event.

-Send the organizers the GC code for the associated event. You can do this before the event is published.

-Read, understand, and follow Grounspeak Event Hosting Guidelines.

-Download and print log sheets (click here) for attendees to sign.  Having log sheets helps the organizers to plan for future CARW events.

-Deliver completed log sheets to the organizers at the wrap up event, if you are unable to attend the wrap up, send with another cacher who is going.

-Obtain and give prizes to attendees (optional). Please do not give more than 3 prizes, consider donating your extra prizes for the wrap up prize table.

-Your event will be entered into the Associated Event Host category for voting, which has pretty good odds at winning a prize!


Volunteer Positions

CARW cache hiders:  Anyone and everyone who wishes to hide 1 or more caches... you!

CARW photographers:  Anyone and everyone who takes photos about CARW and sends them to the CARW photo email address.

Wrap up event host:  GEAA

Wrap up event greeters:  Volunteer Needed

Bookmark List Maker:  SigShark

Webmaster:  twilc33

Photo slideshow:  Kiwibirdman

Score Master:  Volunteer Needed

Wrap up log book and cards to Cache Effect & Cache Chameleon: Volunteer Needed

Cash donations that will be forwarded to Cache Effect & Cache Chameleon: Gladly accepted from everyone! The cash is split according to number of CARW caches reviewed by each volunteer reviewer, and used to purchase postage and gift cards for the volunteer reviewers.

If you wish to donate a gift card instead of cash, Cache Effect likes McDonalds, Cache Chameleon likes Tim Hortons. The gift cards will be included with the thank you cards and sent to them at their homes.

We also accept cash donations to help cover the cost of the hall rental, and any other costs associated with CARW such as photocopying, prizes, and more.

Sunday Breakfast event host:  Volunteers Needed

Saturday evening coffee event hosts:  Volunteers Needed

Kick off event host:  Volunteer Needed

Other Associated Events Hosts: Volunteers Needed

Volunteer Cache Reviewers:  Cache Effect and Cache Chameleon