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Event Caches Associated With CARW2023

The Wrap Up event cache page is the way that “CARW” is announced and, as such, is usually published three months ahead of the "Event".  However, as a geocaching event cache cannot be held to find caches, the wrap up event cache is for discussing winter caching and awarding prizes.  Through out the CARW event period, other associated event caches may be hosted, to socialize, tell stories, and warm up before and after a day's caching.  Below is a list of event caches associated with CARW2023.  To visit the event cache page click on the event title below.



Hosted By

Event Description

Kick Off/puzzle solving Event (GCA3FNF) i*C*e A fun pre-event activity to meet some experienced cachers, find a caching buddy for the event, work on CARW puzzles, etc.
Early Wrap up event (GCA39W6) GEAA Meet up, warm up, tell stories, etc. after the event.
Wrap Up and award ceremony (GCA3K47) GEAA The official end of the event.