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Check back here for a geocache list files to download once the CARW caches are published.

The CARW2023 cache files can be downloaded by right clicking on the links below and choosing "Save target as" (or link depending on your browser).  Be sure to specify the full file name (including the .gpx extension) as the file name.

Pocket Query CARW2023        Revised: 2023.03.03 at 18:13 Hours.  A .gpx file containing the event geocache files.


The following files (.pdf documents) list of all the CARW2023 caches in GC number order and Cache Name Sort.  Just click on the link to view the document in Adobe Reader.  You can save it to your computer or print it from Adobe Reader.

CARW2023 GC Code Sort.pdf    Revised:  2023.03.03 at 18:34 Hours

CARW Cache Name Sort  Revised:  2023.03.03 at 18:327 Hours