Cache and Release Winter Edmonton

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Cache and Release Winter Edmonton 2023

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CARW (Cache and Release Winter) is Northern Alberta’s premier geocaching celebration, and is one of Canada’s longest running geocaching events. CARW2023 will be the seventeenth version of this event. The focus this year is  “Quality caching ”. The theme for CARW2023 is “Medievil”, which could include whatever you feel might fit the theme.  As always, this will be a Family Friendly Event and All Cachers are Welcome.  Our motto is "Have Fun at Your Level”.

This year, the cache-finding part of CARW2023 will be a one week format. Cache finding will start at 09:00 hours Saturday March 4, 2023, and end at 15:00 hours Saturday March 11, 2023.

Cachers can start hiding their caches right away,  simply ask the reviewer not to publish before the event publication date.  See the Hiding page for complete guidelines on hiding caches.  Place your caches in the usual way and they will be validated by our awesome volunteer reviewers.  Verifying cache locations early, greatly assists the process.  The last day to hide and submit caches is February 24th.  Please don’t save a bunch for the last day, remember the reviewers are volunteers.  To distinguish a normal cache from an event cache, the cache name must end with "CARW2023".  ie:  "A New Cache For You - CARW2023".

Hide only winter friendly caches (yes, winters vary).   Please use a GPS to place your cache hides to ensure accuracy.  Cache finding with your Smart-phone, is encouraged.  The organizers will create a bookmark of event caches and make it available just prior to the start of the event.

NO PREMIUM Caches, during the event.  You can convert caches to premium two weeks after the event.

The event LOGBOOK will be at the wrap-up.

CARW2023 is meant to be fun-filled and free for all to attend!  All Geocachers are welcome.  Old, experienced and new-alike are all welcome to attend. Many cachers from other parts of Alberta (and beyond) make a point of joining us every year. Those who have never attended a CARW event before will be welcomed. There is something for everyone at our event and we look forward to making new friends as we geocache together!

Each year, the organizers draw a big circle on the map to show the “zone” where caches can be placed for the event. The circle changes every year. The carw2023circle is a 48 Km. (30 mile) radius from approximately N 53 36.789 W 113 36.596. All of the City of Edmonton is within the circle. For the exact location, see the graphic below.

Centre is N 53° 36.789'   W 113° 36.596' with a 48 Km. (30 mile) radius.



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